Valentine’s Day – Love Yourself Too

As I am sure most of you know, this Sunday is Valentine’s Day. With the year we have all had, no matter your relationship status, we should all take a day to love ourselves!

People in education are working harder than ever, parents are juggling work, schooling at home, students are adjusting to home-school life, and everyone needs some love.

So, here are my tips for making this year’s Valentine’s Day full of love and care for yourself.

1. Gratitude.

There has been a lot in the media and online about gratitude and its power. That is because it works! You can write them down or keep them in your head. At the end of every day, spend some time appreciating all the good things in your life.

It can be small things like having a nice hot cup of tea to big things like family and friends.

Showing gratitude really can help turn a bad day into a good day and put yourself in the loving yourself mood.

You could even treat yourself to a special notebook to record them each day. We love (and no we are not sponsored!) this one from a fabulous lady who makes some inspiring wellbeing products.

Valentine's Day  Gratitude
You can see more here

2. Pamper Yourself.

Life is busy, but there should always be time to show your body some self-love. Even if it is spending an extra few minutes in a warm shower or bath, using that Christmas gift that you only save for special occasions, putting a face mask on or giving yourself a hand massages with some luxurious cream.

It is easy with everyone at home, to end up just wearing lounge clothes or pyjamas. Look after yourself, get dressed in a favourite outfit and see what it does to your mood.

I recently came across a great Facebook group by Suzi and no….again not sponsored! She posts some great self-care tips and may give you some ideas.

Valentine's Day Pampering

3. Get Moving.

With lockdown, it is easy to fall into the trap of not moving as much as we usually do. Show your body some love and get out for a walk, do some yoga, or stick on some music and have a dance around. One of my favourites on YouTube is Yoga with Adrienne.

Valentine's Day yoga

4. Learn Something.

Of course, I think one of the best ways to love yourself is to learn new things. I am not alone, studies have shown that if we keep learning throughout our lives, this can have a positive impact on maintaining our mental health and wellbeing. It increases self-esteem, confidence and can improve our sense of hope and purpose.

Take a look at our courses to see if there is something you would like to learn.

5. Enjoy a Good Book.

Reading is a fabulous way of showing some self-love too. There has even been a study that shows reading books could increase lifespan! Reading can increase connections between neurones in the brain and possibly lower your risk of neurodegenerative diseases.

To give me a push on the reading, I recently joined a brand new book club that focuses on books to do with nature.

Valentine’s Day

So, Happy Valentine’s Day from me. Make this year the one that you put loving yourself a priority alongside the flowers and chocolates!

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