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Boost your confidence with private tutoring

Alongside our online courses, we also have availability for private tutoring of many subjects from primary school right through to university.

We take the time to match you with the perfect tutor for you who will help you raise your grades, boost your confidence and help you or your child re-discover the magic of learning again.

How are we different from other agencies?

We are all experienced UK teachers who are fully qualified, hold QTS, valid DBS certificates and have examining experience.

We put well being first. We will never put pressure on learning and instead focus on motivation and mental wellbeing alongside the academic content.

We have vast experience in Special Educational Needs (SEND) and tailor all of our lessons to the individual.

If you sign up with a private tutor, you get free access to our online courses to give you that extra resource in between lessons.

Is Private Tutoring for me?

We believe every person has the capacity to achieve. That given the right education, mentoring and relationship with their tutor they will thrive. The one-to-one environment of private tuition means their needs can be fully catered for in a way that can never be reached in a classroom.

A good private tutor will give students the confidence, knowledge and mindset to succeed not only in education but in life.

What our learners have to say about us

“Really amazing she has been tutoring my daughter and her friend for three weeks now and they have already gone from Ds to As. She is patient always has resources for us and is always ready to help.”
February 2019

“After lots of frustration with my son, we have finally found something that can help him. They know their stuff!”

October 2019

“The team are always coming up with new ideas and the resources they make are truly first class, you can tell the passion that has gone into making them”

January 2021

Contact us for a free first session

In order to ensure we are the right tutors for you, we offer a completely free first session. There is no obligation to sign up with us after this.

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