Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy

We take the issue of Child Protection very seriously. We aim for the Ministry of Melin to be an enriching environment where our learners can come together to share learning and experiences.

Tutoring Sessions

All of our tutors hold a valid DBS and security check and we have taken the time to vet them appropriately.

Even in online tutoring sessions, we require parental supervision if the child is under 14.

Dealing with concerns

If you have any concerns about any aspect of our services, you should contact us. All concerns will be taken seriously and be dealt with sensitively and promptly.

Online Courses

Children under 18

You must be at least 14 years old to use the website independently. Many of the courses on our website are for younger children, however, they should be done with parental supervision. So if you are under 14, please do not make an account for yourself. If you are under 18, make sure that you have your parent or carer’s permission before creating an account.

Children under 14

If you are under 14, a parent or carer should make an account in their name and you can use this account with them until you are 14 and can create your own account. Do not worry about your certificates! You will still be able to download a certificate with your name on it.

Interacting with other learners

Whilst on this platform, there may be an opportunity for all learners to interact via our online community. Whilst we moderate this community to the best of our ability, if you are concerned about anyone’s activity, please get in contact with us as soon as possible.

Before communicating with anyone you don’t know, review your privacy settings on your computer and your social media accounts.

Courses with age limits

We do offer some courses which have a minimum age associated with them. This minimum age relates to the minimum age that it is expected for you to be to understand the course content. It does not mean that the course content is suitable for you as an individual. If you are under 18 and wish to undertake a course with a minimum age limit associated with it, we strongly recommend that you speak with a parent or carer prior to enrolling on the course.

Top Tips for Communicating Online

  • Never give out confidential details such as your address, school or information about clubs you go to.
  • Do not give out your contact details to strangers, for example, your email address, phone number, social media handles.
  • If you are on our platform and are worried or upset about someone’s behaviour, do not reply to them and contact us immediately. Tell your parent or guardian about your worry.
  • If you are on another website or platform and you are worried or upset about someone’s behaviour, do not reply to them and check out Think U Know or CEOP for further advice. Tell your parents or guardian about your worries.
  • If you are on our platform and are concerned about someone’s behaviour, do not reply to them and contact us immediately.
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