Ministry of Merlin – Who are we? Why are we here?

The Ministry of Merlin came from a vision of education I had. I have worked in education for over a decade and have seen a fair amount of change! More and more the emphasis seems to be on grades and what numbers are on a piece of paper when you leave school. Education should be about much more than this.

Of course, exam grades do matter. They can open doors and we see the value in them but it should never be the only goal of education.

I can remember sitting in primary school and being excited to learn, I don’t remember much talk of SATs or grades, or entrance exams. We just had fun but learned a lot in the process. Learning really was magical. I am lucky that I have kept that love of learning throughout my life. I am always studying something, whether it be formally for a course or just to seek new knowledge and wisdom.

My dream is that people of all ages get this magic back. That they enjoy learning and want to learn again for the sake of learning, not just to pass exams.

Why Ministry of Merlin?

I chose the name the Ministry of Merlin so that when I am writing lessons or courses I have that constant reminder that the magic of learning should come first. I am a teacher and an examiner so it can be easy for me, like others to fall into the exam mind-trap. But by having Merlin as my companion on here, he reminds me to focus on wisdom and magic too.

Merlin represents the companies values:




Studying should be fun and relaxing, it should never be a stressful experience.

Activities should promote learning not only of subject content but skills for life-long learning

Learning should be energising. It should give you wisdom and improve your self-esteem and confidence.

I want to change the way people view education. If you’d like to join us then you can sign up for our newsletter or contact us. I’d love to hear from you.

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