Our mission is to empower you to succeed in your life

That’s why every course we write and every session we teach puts the learner first. We are proud to deliver education that raises self-esteem, that improves confidence and that is rewarding on every level.

The Ministry of Merlin was established in 2020 as the education section of Vigil & Co. It was formed on the back of a previously very successful education company with hundreds of satisfied learners. We continue to strengthen and build our course catalogue with new products being added weekly.

Our primary focus is making education rewarding again. We are a team of experienced educators with decades of teaching in the UK education system at all levels. Our team have taught every age group from early years to adults and we recognise the shortcomings in the system. The system currently puts exam grades above all else and is neglecting quality of learning and the teaching of life skills that should be at the foundation of any education system.

Experienced Teachers

Our teachers are all experienced and fully qualified.

Wellbeing First

We never put pressure on learners, there is a constant focus on holistic wellbeing.

Dedicated to Safety

We are all DBS registered and your data and security is paramount to us.


To offer top quality education, we have teachers with the highest qualifications.

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Ministry of Merlin

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